Why you must start using a Vision Board

Visualise and Conquer!

In a study by TD Bank published by Forbes, for every 1 in 4 small business owners using vision boards, 76% of them have said their business is where they have envisioned it. 82% of small businesses and entrepreneurs who visualise have accomplished more than half of their goals they included onto their board as said by Eliene Zimmerman*. So what are vision boards? They are collages of images and text created by you, and are a reflection of your personal goals, wants and desires.

Who uses it?

Anybody can use a vision board, even businesses. Visualisation, for many, is the difference between success and failure. Like for Arnold Schwarzenegger, he has successfully achieved all his goals through a “vision” when winning Mr Olympia 4x consecutively, he kept a photo of Reg Park to motivate him every day. When transitioning through to acting and politics, Arnold stated he applied the same principals and mental tricks as he did in bodybuilding, “What you do is create a vision of who you want to be – and then live that picture as it were already true.”

Set a clear goal, and build your vision board around that.

Looking at a constant visual cue and keeping your mind tuned to the end result is one thing. But actually building your board are entirely different things.

Building a personal board: What do you want most this year, or five years from now? Maybe it’s a holiday destination, or your first home. Perhaps, this is finally the year you get that six pack. It does not need to be neat, but arrange it in a way that makes sense to you. BE SPECIFIC. If it’s a car, put the exact car, the exact color. Don’t sell yourself short of your own happiness.

Benefits of having a Vision board

Business: A businesses Vision Board is your career, what are you wanting to achieve for your company. This board could have figures and statistics, targets you want your company to reach in a certain time. Don’t settle. In business options are great, but for goals, not so much. Options allow for shortcuts and justifications. The culmination of shortcuts and justifications compounds on itself, and this mindset will ruin any goal you do make. Don’t set yourself up for failure.









Emotions are the best motivators. You should feel a sense of rush and excitement in your body when you look at your board. This excitement will drive and motivate you to work towards your dreams and goals. Without this feeling, you’ll lack confidence and drive to push yourself that much further, and remember “anything worth having isn’t earned easily”.

Mix in Quotes with images.

Quotes are also a powerful cue to what is possible in this life. Not everybody can walk a mile in your shoes, but they may have experienced a similar situation in their life. Don’t fall for the same pitfalls as others have. Learn from others, and use their words as bridges over the hard times and as humble reminders in the good times. A quote for your vision board don’t have to be long and cryptic, sometimes even the simplest “Just do it” is enough to keep you centered and focused.

Find a quote that gives you strength. One that requires some thought to digest. Great quotes transcend time and they may come from unfamiliar places.


Put a deadline on it.

Set a timeframe or deadline on your goals, you want to make this timeframe realistic, but still put that sense of “urgency”, on yourself to get it done.  Example- You want to lose weight, how much? 15kg, by when? 12.05.2017.

Benefits of having a Vision board


The Possibilities with Vision Boards are endless.

These are your dreams, your visions, and your goals, So don’t be afraid to create one. Learning and mastering the art of changing your mindset is a very powerful tool, and visualisation is one of the first and most important steps you can take to change that. Desygner wants to help you! We have designed this specific platform where you can now design your own vision board anywhere and at any time.

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