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Marketing for Businesses: Instagram Stories

Tell a story

If you are already on Instagram and have active followers, then you should also make use of this new tool which allows you to create light-hearted and ephemeral content and to emotionally engage with your followers.

Even though Instagram is the ideal platform to showcase those special and exclusive moments in your life, with Stories you can share the goofy, fun and fleeting backstage moments. Tell the story that is behind the posts on your feed, a bonus for those marketing strategies that are based on content and storytelling.

This trend allows you to connect with your target market throughout the day using a favored content format to post spontaneous and organic content. The new approach for a company is to tell original stories that reflect authentic moments, instead of the traditional publicity that can be found on any other channel. In this case, your followers become a part of your day-to-day life and are not just customers. The interesting aspect of this approach is that although you need to constantly create content, the posts are easier to produce, take less time to make and can be easily edited with the included tools to add the necessary creative flare.

What contents can be created in Instagram Stories:

  • Show what happens behind-the-scenes. Showcasing how things are done in your company can build and maintain trust among your followers.



  • Share tutorials or DIY projects. Provide solutions and show how the company’s products or services are used.


  • Limited time offers and promotions. Creating a sense of ‘urgency’ drives customers. Design a strategy of ‘flash’ sales that generates the need for them to purchase your product, or use your service, as soon as possible.



  • Support communication from other channels. This remarketing action will remind customers that a purchase is pending.



  • Invite your followers to see your latest Instagram post. In this way you can increase engagement with your content.
  • ‘Teaser’ Campaigns. Since the information is available for 24 hours use this time to create engagement by suggesting that the users stay tuned to your profile to see a product or activity.



It’s not invasive. Followers choose whether to watch your story. You can constantly post content without being invasive.

It creates loyalty and interest. If you are able to create interesting and authentic content you will have followers watching your stories every day.

Constant presence. It creates brand recall and allows your followers to receive instant information. They can tell, and share, the story of your company. Share stories constantly, in this way you will continue to appear and be visible at the top of your followers’ feeds.

Make the most of your active follower base. You do not have to expend effort and grow your followers from scratch. You already have them, so it is better to focus on exploring the potential of this tool to broaden your base. Thanks to hashtags, location stickers and the Discover section you can increase your chances of being found.

Generate live content. Live streaming video has a ton of value and while Instagram does not allow very long videos to be shown, which is what happens with Facebook or Periscope, it could become a useful interactive feature.

Nowadays we live in an attention-based economy, which is why it is essential to tell stories and turn them into brand stories. Remember that since it is a visual social network the shareable content must be of high quality to grab people’s attention. Personalize your stories to stay consistent with your brand. The key is to adapt the content to the target market and to post at optimal times to gain visibility.

How can you add branding to your stories?

In any of the actions in which you use Instagram Stories, it is important to use the same design elements to maintain a coherent branding.

Fonts. It is important to limit the amount of fonts used so as to maintain brand identity. If you only have a logo at the moment and you do not have an identity manual, you can use a font that complements the one used in the logo, which can help to reinforce the message and create a connection to the logo.



Even though there are many fonts associated with other brands, the combination that you choose should focus on creating easy brand recognition.


Colors. Always keep in mind the color palette associated with the brand logo and image. It creates a uniform brand identity and allows followers to easily recognize your brand.



Images. They must reflect the personality of the brand which is defined by the graphic and textual elements. Choose images that represent your followers. If it is a very fun and energetic brand it is advisable to use bright, lively colors with little saturation. If you are trying to portray seriousness and professionalism, then neutral, balanced and minimalist colors should be used.



Standardize your posts. It is ideal to create predetermined design templates for different posts using the same style, colors and fonts so as to be able to quickly and easily make posts with great content. The public will recognize the post and quickly associate it with the brand.



The main goal of social networks is to generate brand presence. The brand is not just the image on the logo, it is the brand equity that is offered and which allows us to identify it over others, always with the same style and personality. The followers must be able to watch the story and associate it to the brand. To achieve this, a clear, coherent and consistent message must be broadcast that will capture their attention.

If you would like to communicate with your followers, the best tool to use in Instagram Stories to generate content that is coherent with your brand image while at the same time creating impact, can be found at Desygners. This platform allows companies to quickly and easily design graphic content that will impress their followers. With access to a large library of templates where your content can be constantly customized and personalized, Desygner allows you to customize your Instagram stories while keeping the same consistent design and brand identity, thus generating an impact each time your brand shares its moments to Instagram Stories.

Please feel free to comment with any suggestions or visit our Instagram to find inspiration @desygnerapp


5 Marketing Actions to Boost your Christmas Sales

Are you looking for ideas for your marketing actions for Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Here are 5 proposals that without a doubt will impress your current and future customers.

What is the main goal of these actions? To raise awareness of your products and services and to change or reinforce the perception and awareness of your brand.

Why is it important to focus your energy at this time of the year? Christmas encourages immediate action and generates opportunities to increase sales, while also providing you with the chance to test content and measure results in real-time, resulting in time and money savings.

Why is it important to prepare a Christmas marketing strategy? Christmas is the time where millions of dollars are generated in sales all over the world. There is a greater urge to spend, and people are more open to receiving offers and promotions.

Let’s begin! Click on the images.

1#Black Friday: Choose the Discounts

Give your clients the option to choose their own discounts, this is an excellent opportunity to grab people’s attention and stand out from the rest. This action can also help you gather useful data, for example, if nobody uses the 2 for 1 deal to buy pants but instead shoes are purchased with the 25% off discount, then this information can be taken into account when planning your next marketing campaign.




2#Christmas Recipes

Everyone likes to cook something special for Christmas and it would be a great idea to share your customers’ traditions. Ask them to send in their Christmas recipes, share them on your platform of choice and offer a discount, or free shipping on next purchase, for every recipe posted. It is an excellent way to generate engagement.



3#Cyber Monday Instagram Hashtag Contest

Encourage your followers to publish a photo with the person they would give the purchased gift to and ask them to tag it with a specific hashtag in exchange for a discount coupon.

This contest will go viral when the followers of your followers click on the hashtag to see the linked publications.

When you choose the hashtag make sure to include the name of your company. If the contest is for Cyber Monday sales, the hashtag could be: #DesygnerCyberMondayGivesTwo



4#Black Friday “7 days of Deals”

Post a different daily deal every day for the 7 days after Black Friday. Give the public just one day to access the offer, but at least 2 days to actually use the voucher, especially if they have to go to an actual store location or a restaurant. This doesn’t necessarily have to be done on social media networks, emails could also be sent directly to your client database.





5#Increase your commitment to Social Media

Post a photo of your key product, or of an image that represents your brand, and ask your followers to comment only using Emojis. Offer a prize and either choose a random winner amongst all the participants, or choose the winner based on who used the Emojis in the most creative way.


If you have any more ideas about Marketing Actions to increase your Christmas Sales this is the place to share them.

Leave a comment with your creative ideas so we can all help each other.

Happy Sales!


Black Friday: 7 Marketing Strategies to increase your Sales

Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping period. This sales event, which is held the day after Thanksgiving, has now been adopted by many countries all over the world and is much anticipated by consumers who are eager to save when buying gifts.

Black Friday is not just for big businesses, it is currently the yearly event with the highest exponential growth in the world and your company should not be left on the side lines.

Let’s explore some marketing guidelines that will enable you to keep up with this widely-known market trend.

Click on each photo!

#1. Generate Anticipation.

Use Instagram stories to showcase how your company is preparing for the event. Show behind-the-scenes preparations for the upcoming sales promotions.



#2.. Persuade, Insist!.

If you want to generate sales your clients first have to remember you. Use remarketing to let them know what you are offering ahead of time. Insist if you want to be chosen. Bombard them with eye-catching messages for 2 to 3 days. Remember that Black Friday sales are usually made to loyal customers.



# 3. Ambassadors

Encourage your followers to like and share your content. A good option is to host a giveaway with all those who have shared your content on their social media network; this way you are not only generating loyalty, but also attracting new clientele.



# 4. Generate loyalty among your customers

Offer your VIP customers early access to discounts one or two weeks in advance. This can encourage more people to join this exclusive group and it can continue to generate loyalty among your existing clientele.

A good tool is to offer discount coupons to those in your Premium database.



#5. Be Creative

Get creative in order to attract more customers. The most commonly offered promotions are the 2 for 1 deals or the 40% off discounts and they are effective, but in this competitive world you have to stand out. There are a lot of competitors out there offering the same incentives as you. Use stunning photos and messages to avoid being overlooked.



#6. Generate brand engagement

One option for securing a loyal customer base is for them to be able to buy at bargain prices and additionally receive a discount coupon for their next purchase. Think long-term. We want to ensure that our clients keep on buying from us even after this event is finished. You want to retain all the new customers that you have added to your client base on Black Friday.



# 7. Let your customers know what is coming

Use an email marketing campaign to spread the word about what will be happening on Black Friday. Begin the campaign one or two days before the event to generate anticipation. Focus on the essential information, keep it simple and use big bold writing.



I hope that this information can you help with what is coming! Good luck and much success!