Author: Oscar Pardo


Ever been stuck trying to create a nice graphic to post on social media, a flyer, or a simple invitation for an event? Well, imagine a world where anyone can design something beautiful without using complicated tools like Photoshop or Illustrator from their computer, tablet or mobile phone? Well the Desygner team is making it happen.

During its testing phase, Desygner has already been trusted by over 50,000 bloggers, marketers, and business owners, and given the best rating among other design apps.

So what is Desygner 2.0? It’s the first cross-platform design app in the world.

The new versions of the iOS and Android apps are much more finger friendly, and fully synchronized with the web. No matter if you are at work, on the subway, at a dinner party that turned a bit boring or waiting for that friend that is always late, Desygner can help you design something beautiful.

Creating visually engaging content has never been so easy

Desygner offers thousands of ready-made templates to help you design your own graphics. Simply replace images, edit text and customize with different stickers & backgrounds.


– Facebook Cover

– Facebook Post

– Instagram post

– Twitter Cover

– Twitter Post

– Pinterest Graphic


– Presentation

– Poster

– Business Card

– Email Campaign

– Web Banner


– Invitation

– Birthday Card

– Post Card

– Any customizable size

All functionalities and resources you can count on using Desygner 2.0

Icon customize your designs


Customize your designs with thousands of free-to-use stickers, backgrounds and fonts.

Icon image browser


Search the web for royalty-free images or add your own from your camera roll, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Collaborate with others


Invite people to edit and add more to your designs.

Icon print


Download a print-ready file of your design at anytime. Print at home or at printing house near you.

Icon share


Share your designs on social media, embed it to any website, send via email or through a private link.

Icon multi device


Desygner is the only online design tool that allows you to edit your designs from a computer, tablet or phone.


Your newly created marketing material project will be ready for print as soon as you download the design. Desygner’s downloads are all at a high quality 300dpi, so you know that what you see on the screen is what you’ll see in person.

Icon marketing on a budget


Designing marketing materials can get expensive quick. From creating the marketing campaign ideas, to hiring a designer to create the marketing materials and then getting them physically printed, it’s not cheap using the traditional marketing strategy. Desygner can save you money on marketing and give you more creative control over your brand.

Icon professional designers


Desygner offers hundreds of professionally hand crafted design templates ready to use instantly. Designing professional looking marketing material has never been easier. Just pick the template you want, choose your favourite design, edit the text, save and you’re done!

Icon update your ads


Need to urgently update the text for a new web ad campaign but you’re not at home on your computer? Thanks to Desygner’s mobile apps, you can quickly adapt and change your web ads. Simply open up the Desygner App, log in and edit anything on the design from anywhere in the world.

Icon better social media designs


When you’re trying to build a brand for your company, social media is one of the most important tools at your disposal. Posting on the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more can quickly and cheaply getting your name in front of potential customers.

Icon Team campaigns


Easily create with your team by adding co-Desygners to help on the social marketing campaign project. Simply add a co-worker of friend to your social media design and start creating. You can create the design from home on your desktop while your co-Desygner half way around the world edits the text on the design from their phone.


1. Design anything. Create personal projects such as event invitations and Facebook headers, to business projects such as email campaigns, social media posts, online adverts, presentations and business cards.

2. Choose a beautifully designed ready-made template. Desygner offers thousands of free-to-use templates, with hundreds more being added every week, giving you the variety you need, and the trendy look you want.

3. Use the finger-friendly menus. Undo and redo using the arrows in the upper right corner of the screen, or return to your projects using the arrow on the left upper corner. Magnifiers allow you to zoom in or zoom out. And if you have any questions, simply click on the question mark to get an overview of all the options available.

4. Customize in countless ways. Import photos from your mobile phone, from your social media channels, or search for millions of images for free. Use thousands of free stickers, backgrounds, text banners, and shapes to customize your designs.

5. Share your designs straight on social media. Enjoy the convenience of immediately posting your newly created design directly to your social media channels. Share your designs directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

6. Download in many different formats. Download your designs in JPG, PNG (including a transparent background) and PDF format.

What is next for Desygner?

Desygner 2.0 was launched to make design incredibly simple. We developed a cross-platform solution focused on collaboration and openness, and now work on the product continues with more intensity than ever.

Along with continuing to make our online design editor as smooth as possible, we’re also working tirelessly to bring the Desygner library to the apps, allowing you to keep your content fresh and consistent.

You will be able to to save your own logos, images, fonts, default text and colours into the platform and quickly access them when you are designing. This option is already on the web and it’s free to use. Check it out.


Facebook ditched the “20% text” rule, and this is why you should continue to follow it.

Facebook leads social networks worldwide, and one of the reasons is because of their prompt pivoting to respond to growing global trends. The way people communicate is moving towards a more visual-approach, and Facebook is evolving with this trend.

They are jumping on the bandwagon of visual based social networks. The step Facebook has chosen to take is remodel its ads to be more visual at the expense of over-texting those ads. The obliteration of the 20% of text policy in ad images seems a contradiction, but in fact it is not. Here is why:

Facebook recommends to use as little text in our ad images as possible.  The reach of the ad will be inversely proportionate to the amount of text on the photos itself.

Facebook’s text limit in ads

This is Facebook’s 20% text policy in ad images:

To help advertisers achieve their business goals while providing people with an enjoyable experience on Facebook, we’ve had a policy limiting excessive text (more than 20%) on images in ads. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for people and advertisers, which is why we’re testing a new solution that will allow ads with text to run, but based on the amount of text in an ad’s image, the ad won’t reach as many people. We will continue to monitor how this test impacts advertisers as well as people and will iterate to ensure we are creating the best possible experience. We’re testing in certain situations but are not changing the policy across the board at this time.

This text policy also includes logos. Its main goal was to improve the visual content of Facebook ads, forbidding all the images with more than 20% of text within them. To check whether the images met Facebook requirements or not, Facebook launched the Grid Tool, now outdated, to save users from text limit ad disapproval.

Less text means cheaper ads

More text on the images will mean more expensive ads, as the reach of these publications will drop substantially. On the other hand, ads with little or no text will be more likely to have a better reach at a minor cost. Facebook encourages advertisers to focus text in copy rather than in the images.

Depending on the text density in your images, Facebook will grade it as OK, Low, Medium or High.  An OK and Low rating are the most desirable to achieve a greater reach. Facebook will not reject ads with Medium or High text density, but those ads will probably fail on reaching their target audience.

OK Density: The ad’s image contains little or no text. This is the preferred image style.

Low Density: The ad reach might be slightly limited.

Medium Density: The ad’s reach might be limited.

High Density: You may not reach your audience if you use an image with this much text.

As seen in the pictures above, Facebook’s reach constraints vary depending on text density, ranging from OK to HIGH.

The change is not official yet, but is a key indicator to how businesses are shifting the way they communicate to their stakeholders. Your business might need a new visual touch to keep it abreast of new communication trends.

Visual attention is the new currency of advertising

I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” ― Mark Twain.

The more you add to an image, the less impact that image will have, especially in busy environments like Facebook.  Not only you are competing with other brands, but also with updates from family and friends. As images are processed much faster by the brain, keeping text straight to the point will make your image stand out and allow your target customer to concentrate on your key message.

Your business might need a new visual touch to keep it abreast of new communication trends, including choosing images that communicate what you do effectively and make good use of typography.

Visual content is the new king.


Give your friends and family a personalized Easter Card this year with Desygner

Hi guys, Oscar here!  In this mini Desygner tutorial, I’m gonna show you how you can easily create, download and print your own Easter Card in minutes! We have card templates for every kind of event. This Easter, why not use one of our professionally created pre-made invitation card templates or get creative and make your own with Desygner.  Don’t worry, it’s easy and I’ll show you how.  Ready? Let’s jump right in!

1. Selecting the Layout

Open the ‘Create Page’ and choose which Easter Card you want to create.  If you plan on sharing this Easter Card on your Social Media account, we suggest some of our specially designed Easter Cards designs for Instagram and Facebook.  If you want to create a card of your very own from scratch, you can find that under the Events and Cards category, layout type Cards.  There’s also always our custom size creation at the bottom of the ‘Create Page’ if you want something completely your own.

2. Customizing Images

Upload a photo or search through our royalty free images to find your favorite Easter image and use it as a background or simply grab one of the free Desygner backgrounds.  For an Easter Card, we recommend textured backgrounds.

3. Test Options

Select a gentle typography and adapt its color to your background.  Edit the text to put a message you want to send to your loved ones or friends.  Even just a few words should be enough to send a strong message.  Try adding different shapes around or behind your text to make it stand out more.  Don’t forget the shape options like opacity to help things blend in.

4. Adding Shapes

In ‘Shapes’ use the ellipse to make eggs, then you can fill them with colors. Click and drag the shapes to place them in different positions on the canvas.  You can also fill the card with other images and stickers like rabbits or baby chickens.   Or go more stylized with something like the image above that might remind you of a rabbit, like their ears.

5. Saving and Sharing

Once you are happy with your work, click ‘Save’ and then ‘Download’ it.  Pick which format you want it saved in (JPEG, PNG or PDF) and your card is ready to be shared or printed.  Remember, you can share your design directly from the Desygner Editor, simply click ‘Share’ when you’re done and then select the social media account you want to post it to.  Simple as that!

Here are some more examples of what you can easily design:

That’s all for this time.  I’ll see you guys later for the next mini tutorial for Desygner!

Happy Easter Desygners!!