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For many people, their wedding day is one of the most important and valuable moments in life. Like most weddings and most couples, they forget just how much time you have to put into actually organising their wedding, right down to the decoration, invitations, food and drinks, seating and everything else that will make the great day unforgettable. 

We all know that there are many things to think, remember and do, anxiety strikes and the desire to leave everything perfect increases every day. Details make all the difference, whether you choose a wedding on the field, on the beach, in a ballroom, you must think of all the features, and the elements and design that exist for that location. 

Even without a lot of money and not being a professional, it is possible to make your wedding day beautiful and impress your guests. We from Desygner will help you! Check out the best design tips to make a stylish wedding, totally personalised with your desired images and the best practical and inexpensive templates and invitations. 

Monogram: Do you know what it is and how to create your own? 

Anyone who is planning a wedding should surely have heard this term. Monogram is nothing more than the combination of the initials of the bride and groom’s names with some other graphic elements, the most used are arabesques and flowers, thus forming an emblem, it is as if you created a logo for your wedding. It is mainly used for invitations, but can also stamp napkins, party favours, website or blog if you want one, and the decor in general. Usually cursive or serif fonts are used. If you want to understand a little more about fonts and how to choose the ideal one for your project to check out the Typography Article. The idea is to do tests and create several monograms, including different elements and sources and then choose the one that suits you the most.

At Desygner you will find hundreds of fonts and images to create your own monogram for FREE using our very simple and practical editor, you can download your perfect transparent background file, to send to printers for printing, and to customise and stamp any decor.


The invitation is perhaps one of the most important elements when in the first contact of your guests for your wedding. We all know how expensive Wedding Invitations can get, not to worry we have you covered. No need to worry about paying out big bucks when you make a mistake, our system designed for our users to quickly adjust their designs without having to stress out. Say you make a grammar error or misspelt some of the information, such as venue and time of the ceremony and party. You can easily adjust the information of your design without having to pay extra.

“Save The Date”

The term in English means to reserve the date, usually in digital format can be sent by email, messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger. This invitation is for your guests to be aware of the wedding date, to reserve the date and to organise themselves in preparation for the Wedding.

The information given should be necessary such as the bride and groom’s name, date, time and city. At this point, you still do not need the address that should go in the main invitation. It also does not have to be so formal, it may be a bit more casual. A helpful tip is to use pre-wedding rehearsal photos or just the monogram.

Bridesmaid and Groomsman

Some people are very special, either because they are part of the couple’s story or the life of each one individually. Those who always cheer and help, dear friends and cherished family to witness and bless the union that is about to become official. For them is created a more elegant invitation and usually accompanied by a little present like wine for example. Godparents deserve all your attention and commitment in their invitation, but that does not mean you have to spend rivers of money, after all, what matters to them is your happiness. Because they are special, they deserve something special, and nothing is more special than their time creating a personalised invitation for each one, putting all their gratitude for being so special and to be part of its history. Also said saves you and guarantees a cooler treat to deliver together! There are several options that you can customise from a box of candy, labels of bottles of drinks, the box with pampering to be used on the wedding day like tie for men and accessories for women, the options are endless just use your creativity.

Ceremony and Reception

The time has come to think of the main invitation, more formal than the invitations cited above, traditionally mentions the names of the parents of the newlyweds inviting them to celebrate the union of their children. The design of the main invitation often features arabesques, monogram and can be in the colours chosen for the party decoration. It must inform the date, the time, the address of the place where the ceremony and reception will be held and of course the name of the bride and groom as mentioned. 

Invitations are usually one of the most expensive things in a wedding, which includes creating art and printing on a generally nobler paper, so by setting up the very art of your invitation, you already save for printing, art approval time and Stress of when it needs to be redone several times. Do not think you need to be a graphic designer to create your own Wedding invitation, browse the internet for inspirations, create multiple versions, ask for help and your friends’ opinions. At Desygner there are several models of Wedding Invitation just waiting for you to give your touch and customise with your face, whether you are more traditional, modern or classic.

Website or Wedding Blog


For some years now, wedding websites and blogs have become popular, and we are not talking about those with tips for the bride and groom, but one especially for your wedding. The websites serve to provide useful information and even the couple’s story of how they meet. Here you can include a map of how to get to the location.  

A list of gifts, RSVP (confirmation of attendance), Attire tips, and whether the wedding is on a beach or field, and anything else you would like to share. If you think it is expensive to create a website or blog, know there are several platforms where you can do this for free, and with Desygner it is possible to customise covers, pages and more.


Even if your reception is at home or lunch or dinner in a restaurant it is important that your guests know what will be served upon arrival, some guests may have some food restriction or even help at the time of the choice and not create that It flops on the table where the food is being served. If your wedding happens in a restaurant, you will probably set the dishes to be served beforehand, and you will also need to arrange a menu since the venue’s menu contains more options than the ones that will be served to your guests. It is very simple to do and adds a touch of elegance to your reception. Here you can find menu templates to customise according to your preferences.

Funny Props

It’s time for fun, and everyone loves to record those moments in photos, videos or even in memory, and you can yes leave the mood even cooler with fun signs for your wedding. This joke is a fever at all weddings, guests and fiancés pose for photos with little fun and funny phrases like “I’m next” or “Today I’m going to drink them all”. We’ve made a list of some of the most fun and used phrases in weddings for you to use in yours.

We are the next

Little kiss on the shoulder

I left the drink … I just do not remember where

Keep Calm and Let’s Drink

I’m single

This one goes to Instagram.

The Best Bridesmaids

The Best Groomsmen

The most beautiful 

Look of the day

Game over

There is no diet today.

Just the beautiful ones

Wedding of the year

I love it all very much

May the hangover come

These are some of the most used phrases in wedding, However, use your creativity with momentary markings, some expression that is popular with your friends and family or facts about the couple.

-Google search Image




Fun Fonts


Cut into shapes like speech or thought balloons, heart or others. And do not think it’s a lot of work, in Desygner you find hundreds of fonts, various formats of speech and thought balloons, hearts, stars, arrows, all social network icons and various designs to illustrate with.
Google search Image

Extra Tip 2: Create a hashtag for your wedding and invite your guests to use it when posting your wedding photos, so it is possible to put together all the photos taken. The hashtag functions as a keyword, a kind of code that transforms into a link and brings together all the content marked with this hashtag on one search page. Usually, the name of the bride and groom is used, but many people have the same names so it could be that your photos mix with others, try nicknames or something Which is more exclusive.

Thank you card

Thank you cards are widely used and as a sign of extreme consideration, elegance and gratitude to send a Thank you card for the presence and gifts received by the guests. You surprise them even after the party. Traditionally it is printed and mailed, but we are in a digital age, and the issue here is cost reduction, and some couples are already sending their cards virtually. What is really worth is the action to thank no matter how, if you want to print you can negotiate with the printer that will print the other invitations closing a package. Not sure how to do it, click here and see some examples! – Thank You Cards.


The extra tip we mentioned at the beginning of this article is about snap chat! Yes, the social network that records videos or takes photos of 10 seconds that last for only 24 hours. Everyone is familiar with the technology, and you know and want your friends to post on your big day but maybe what you do not know is that you can have a unique snap chat location filters for your wedding.

Imagine surprising your guests with a Snapchat filter with the couple’s name or the date or some phrase. And you can have that by spending very little, the filter design you create for free using Desygner, the only amount spent is paid to Snapchat over the size of the location you want the filter to be available, with spending as little as $ 10.00 dollars U.S. You can have your own Snapchat filter. Check out this article a step by step guide on how to create your own filter.

DESIGN KIT: A Guide For Beginners In Typography.

Typography…What is it?

So you want to learn Typography and become a design pro? But you don’t know how it all actually works or how to begin? Well not to worry we have you sorted! In three very easy steps. Here’s how you get started.

First, let’s talk about the word Typography, and it’s meaning. Yes, it’s a noun, meaning style or appearance of text, or in other words “The text art of working with a text”. Cool!, let’s continue….


STEP 1: Common Types Of Fonts.

To be a pro in design or to make anything visually look more appealing, you need more insight on what font’s work well together and what font’s don’t. So let’s start with the most 3 common font’s used today, and how you can use these font’s correctly to empower more visual content.

Serif: This font is a classic, perfect and well suited for more traditional posts. Such as Magazines, book prints and this article. This Font is one of the most common font’s you will see in books. Like I said it is a Classic and that’s why it is more suited for serious content.


This Template was created for this Article ONLY.


San Serif: This font you find will be more modern and sleek looking. This style of font is more standard for websites and phone apps. Reason being is it’s clearer and easier for readers to read.


This Template was created for this Article ONLY.


Displayed Fonts: Most commonly used for graphics, however, these decorative fonts are fantastic to use and incorporate within a blank or simple canvas. You will find these designs more common through social media sites and design pages.


This Template was created for this Article ONLY.


 Step 2: Less is More.

I guess you guys have all heard that sweet expression of “Less is more”, well listen up quick remember this. When working with multiple fonts, limit yourself to only two. Yes two, if you really want more, then you may use three, only pending on the subject and nature of your project. For articles stick with two, for Book and Magazine covers or Website banners you can push it to three. However, for the newbies, test it out first with only two fonts.

Step 3: Opposite’s Attract.

Well, it’s true, opposite’s do attract. When it comes to fonts try these simple complimentary tactics, that can make, a significant change to your designs.


Bold x Light

This Template was created for this Article ONLY.


Tall x Short


This Template was created for this Article ONLY.


Decorative with simple


This Template was created for this Article ONLY.


Be sure to check out our New designs to help you out! At






10+ Amazing Designs People Will Love For Mother's Day.

Desygner Mother’s Day Card Templates

Why ‘She’ Deserves to Feel Special.

Whether it’s your Mum, Grannie, or Customers. Mother’s day is a day to acknowledge how unique and awesome they are. Give your loved ones something more than your typical gift card this year, make “Her” feel special with a more personal gift. Here’s how you can do start.


For The Mother

Create something more sentimental, add a picture, write a story, create something witty and humorous, add her favourite mum joke or share a special memory with her. Personalise the templates to make ‘Her’ day extra special!
Desygner Mother’s Day Templates – Instagram & Cards.

For The Customer’s

Yes, let your customer know that your thinking of them as well, send your next emails out with a customised email Banner. This will surely make them smile and will keep your customer’s loyal. Design ads easier and quicker than before just drag ‘n’ drop the stickers, and images into place. Check out the templates below.

Desynger Menus Templates
Desygner Menus
This Template was designed for this Article.

For OUR Customer’s

Ola!, Bonjour, G’day and Hello, we want to thank you and acknowledge how great your support has been through our journey, You guys rock! And without You desygner would not be where it is today without you guys, so from the desygner team we want to thank not just the woman, but however, the men as well and we want to wish you all A very Happy and Fabolous Day!


Desygner Thank you Templates.
Desygner Thank you Templates.


When it comes to presenting presentations regardless, whether it’s for School or Professional reasons, the most popular platform to be used by millions across the world for the last twenty-six years, has been Powerpoint. Stop using it now! Unfortunately, no one wants to see a powerpoint presentation, it’s old news. Unoriginal, uninventive, and right out boring.

Why Use Desygner Presentation Templates?

With Research studies, proving that people retain 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. You’re given a very tight timeframe of exactly 50 Millisecond to impress your audience said by Larry Kim, Founder and CTO of INC. We present visual and compelling modern layouts, for all users to easily adjust and customise to their desired way.
Multiple Desygner Presentation Template

Your Must Have Guide.

Step 1. Click the link
Step 2. Choose your most desired layout/ template
Step 3. Choose or upload an “image”
Step 4. Customise to suit you. Font, Colour, image, add content.
If confused watch our tutorial on “how to use tools to create and design.”
Desygner Presentation Template
Desygner Presentation Template


Before choosing your desired layout, think about the subject matter and your target Audience. When giving your presentation, think about how you would like it to look, and flow? This is a very important step. How it visually looks and appeals to your viewers will determine how successful it will be. According to “Research suggests that presenters who use, visual aids are 43% more effective in persuading audience members to take a desired course of action than presenters who don’t use visual content.” Remember you only have 50 milliseconds to impress your audience.

When using desygner Templates or creating your own, it is easy. We have designed hundreds of templates for you guys benefit. Clean simple lines, with modern spacing and high-resolution images and colour ready for you to use.
Multiple Desygner Presentation Templates.

Take Advantage Of Using Visual Content.

65% of the population are visual learners; said by Karla Gutierrez head marketer of; people retain 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read – Desygner offers thousands of high-resolution quality images for you to choose from, otherwise, you can upload your own from any social media platform, google search or your computer hard drive.

Remember to be cautious of the quality, when choosing your image. You want to only use images that are crisp clear, and rich in colour. Below are examples of good quality images, and bad quality images. It’s pretty clear which is the bad, and which is the good.

Be aware of your colour pallet as well, stick to three colours max throughout your presentation, and make sure they all complement each other as well.

Low-resolution images – Google images
Desygner High-resolution images & 100% royalty free.




Customise Your Presentation Template To Maximise Engagement.

Get to know the tools! and have fun with it. Our team here at desygner have strategically designed all your online tools to make designing easier and fun for you guys. So easy that we have a twelve-year-old fan using our online platform. To get more information on customising please click the below link to watch our tutorials.


Hope this was informative and you want to keep up to date with our latest articles follow us on…

twitter – @desygnerapp

Instagram – desygnerapp 

See you guys there! 

For any questions or to share your thoughts about the blog just comment below.

For enquiries about the platform or templates email us directly at 





The colour GREENERY is our winner for 2017 

It’s 2017 and to no surprise the colour of the year to hit us is “Greenery” as described by Pantone, it’s seen as a “tangy yellow-green”. The meaning behind this colour is said “To bring forth a refreshing take, Greenery that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent”. Greenery refers to the first days of spring, with nature and is said to explode and provide us with the assurance we (the population) crave for tumultuous social and political environment. The story behind this year’s colour choice is said to help us reconnect with nature and each other for a greater purpose – Say’s Exective Director of the Institute Leatrice Eiseman.

Pantone has said with the world we live in today, it’s a very stressful and intense one. With high demands and pressure to succeed in everyday life, we forget to “stay clam”. This colour visually is designed to bring those emotions and thoughts into place. According to the company, the colour of the year “greenery” brings meaning and an idea of what’s been happening in the global culture. It serves as an expression of humour and attitude “The reflection of what’s going on in the world,” explained by Ron Potesky.

Since the year 2000 the Pantone Colour Institute, announces the colour of next year in the month of December. The choice comes from a long and lengthy process, involving hundreds of professionals from various industries and trend advisors.

what’s to be expected when this trend hits.
This colour is the new“trend”. Expect to see lots of “Greenery” throughout fashion apparel, interior design, graphic design, and many industries that are in tune with what consumer’s are searching for.

Colour of the year.
Greenery – Desygner Template

It’s important when living in this world, you need to be in sync with what the next and upcoming “trend” will be. I know it’s hard to keep up-to-date when everything around us is always forever changing; and in the world of social media nothing ever lasts that long. One thing to last the whole year is this colour. Be expected to see it pop up in various shapes and forms throughout 2017.

A perfect time to start incorporating this new colour “Greenery” is into your new Vision Boards. Check out our  *New Vision Boards. Click the link below (


Vision it and Create it!

Using a Vision Board has been scientifically proven, that people who use vision boards on a day to day basis are more likely to reach their ideal goal in the time frame that’s set out than people who don’t. A study has been shown, for every 1 in 4 small business owner’s using Visual Boards 76% of them have said their business is where they have envisioned it. 82% of small business’s and entrepreneurs who visualise have accomplished more than half of their goals they included onto their board as said by Eliene Zimmerman – Journalist from Forbes magazine. – So what is a Vision Board?A Vision Board is a collage of images, text and sayings created by your own personal goals, wants and desires. These images and texts are to trigger an emotion, an emotion of “fire and drive” a sense of urgency and motivation to physically get you to execute a step by step plan on reaching and achieving your goals.

Who uses it?

Anybody can use a Vision Board, great examples of people who are strong users and believer’s of Vision Boards are…

Oprah Winfrey. Media mogul Oprah Winfrey who pulled herself from poverty to become one of the most successful and wealthiest women in the world is a huge supporter of this method and visualising. Being brought up by her grandmother in hardship, Opera Used repetitiveness and strong images. Telling herself every day “My life will not be like this, my life will not be like this, it will be better!.”

Benefits of having a Vision board
Oprah Winfrey Quote – This template was specifically designed for this article only.

Will Smith.“In my mind, I’ve always been an A-list Hollywood superstar, Y’all just didn’t know about it yet.” – Will Smith. Think about this statement and what it means. This quote is a clear statement of what Visualisation can do. Will has said he has always in- visioned himself being a hugely successful.

Benefits of having a Vision board
Will Smith Quote – This template was specifically designed for this article only.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold has successfully achieved all his goals through a “vision” when winning Mr Olympia 4x consecutively, he kept a photo of Reg Park to motivate him every day. When transitioning through to acting and politics, Arnold stated he applied the same principals and mental tricks as he did in bodybuilding – “what you do is create a vision of who you want to be – and then live that picture as it were already true.”

Benefits of having a Vision board
Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote – This template was specifically designed for this article only.

Jim Carrey.On the verge of quitting his acting career when he first came to Hollywood. Jim used to carry around a cheque that he wrote to himself for $10 million dollars that said “acting services rendered,” and had dated it for 1994. Carrying this in his wallet as motivation and a reminder every day, in 1994 Carrey reaped exactly $10 million dollars for his role in Dumb and Dumber. Now listed as one of a top celebrity Jim Carrey credited this to constant visualisation, with helping him getting there.

Benefits of having a Vision board
Jim Carrey Quote – This template was designed specifically for this article only.

Set a clear goal, and build your vision board around that.

Think about what your goal, and what your vision board is going to mean for you. What are you wanting to improve or become, is it a career? health? or relationship? Most people have more than one Vision Board, each targeting something slightly different in their life. Here are some examples.

Personal Vision Board: A “personal” vision board may consist of material items such as a car, a home, specific timepiece, holidays, body etc. whatever “you personally” want.

Benefits of having a Vision board
Fresh Start – Desygner Vision Board Template

Business: A business Vision Board is your career, what are you wanting to achieve in your Business or possibly you may want a career change. This board may contain images and text of figures and statistics, of where and what target you want your company to reach in months time etc or images of people or things that you want to be, or achieve.

Benefits of having a Vision board
Business/career – Desynger Vision Board Template.

Emotions: A great Vision board will get you “fired up” like I stated before. You should feel a sense of rush and excitement in your body when you look at your board. This feeling is very important, it’s this exact emotion that will give you drive and motivation to help you work hard towards your dreams and goals. Without this feeling, you’ll lack confidence and drive to push yourself that much further, and therefore you won’t succeed.

Benefits of having a Vision board
Lion Quote – Desygner Template

Think about these images and quotes and what they mean.

Think about the emotion you feel when you see and read these quotes, and the impact and change it has on your mind. When I look at these images I feel a slight adrenaline rush, I’m excited and amped up to do something positive. When I read the quotes, I think about things, my life, I start to question am I where I want to be, am I happy, what can I do to change it. These are all elements of feelings and thoughts you should receive. This is what makes a great Vision Board, Images and text that are powerful, to change your mindset and drive your ambition to further and to new limits.

Muhammed Ali/Boxing- credit to Google Images

Motivational images and quotes:

To create this emotion you will need to use powerful images that will “get you going and amped up!” choose images that you really desire and are iconic to you, no matter how silly they may seem. These are your dreams and your wants, so be confident and believe in them that you will achieve this. Use Quotes and phrases from people, celebrities, athletes, family etc, whoever will really inspire you! For me personal I have Arnold Schwarzenegger and Albert Einstein, it reminds me of their journey and how they started and what legacy they have created for themselves now…as a short quote I love having the Nike slogan “just do it!” these things give me drive to “just do it” and go after my goals.

Benefits of having a Vision board
Quote – Desygner Template

Be Specific in what you want.

Get specific with your goals if it’s a car, you want or new clients, be specific with the subject. example car: add the model, colour, year, Have a photo of yourself driving in that car; if it’s clients your wanting – who are your clients? athletes, CEO’S, investors?. The more detailed you are with your goals, the more realistic it is visualising you and your goals. When you target a specific item or idea it seems more achievable and your brain will automatically come up with ways and set direct paths to achieve it. Not being specific, will give you options. Although options are good, in this case, it will be your enemy. You’re likely to be thrown off by too many distractions, and can easily lose sight on what you are really wanting and you may end up “settling”. Never settle for anything else but only you dream!

Put a deadline on it.

Set a timeframe or deadline on your goals, you want to make this timeframe realistic, but still put that sense of “hurry and urgency”, on yourself to get it done. Many people create unrealistic timeframes, as they get too excited, this can cause you to set yourself up for failure, as a result. So think hard and take into a count how much effort and time you have to focus on your goals daily. Again be specific with your deadline. Example- You want to lose weight, how much? 15kg, by when? 12.05.2017. Set up a targeted date, and work hard to reach that goal by that deadline, it is the same concept as if you were to catch a plane. You organise yourself and set up a detailed schedule and plan to make sure you have everything by the time you arrive at the airport. You even allow yourself extra time for those unexpected events and calculate how to solve them and still get to the airport on time. This concept is the same for your goals, apply it!

Benefits of having a Vision board
Calender – Desygner Template

The Possibilities with Vision Boards are endless.

Like I said these are your dreams, your visions, and your goals, So don’t be afraid to create one. Learning and mastering the art of changing your mindset is a very powerful tool, and visualisation is one of the first and most important steps you can take to change that. Desygner wants to help you! We have designed this specific platform where you can now design your own vision board anywhere and at any time.

Simply download the desygner app for FREE! onto any mobile, laptop or tablet device. Visit to get started now! Share and upload to the world your dreams and accomplishments #goalsetting share your dreams, and print in stunning high resolution. #desygnerseesyourvision!

Benefits of having a Vision board
The Unknown – Desygner Template







christmas desygner


A genius and easy guideline for small business’s and freelancers to market and promote their company this Christmas. Get your Christmas on and learn to advertise like a pro! These easy and simple steps will help build your clientele and get noticed these holidays. Start with your own personal custom made Christmas ad, invitation or article, use desygner and these tips to get started and remember it’s free! Desygner understands you don’t have time to get creative but with our tools and stunning features, it’s easy and made simple for you to say Thanks this Christmas.

Put your goals in place and structure your concept according to it.

It’s time to start being resourceful. Use Instagram, Facebook and other social media websites to advertise what your company or business is about. Using ads is a great marketing tool especially for any business no matter how small or big, but it’s how you go about it that makes all the difference. Keep reading on how to advertise your business the correct way with Desygner and not poo the bed.

It’s Christmas time and it’s all about sharing and giving, get the viewers and people involved, offer a limited invitation to your online business, get the people buzzing and talking. There are lots of competitors out there so maybe promote a “one time offer” or a little friendly competition for people to get excited about. Remember to keep your posts and ads simple, make it big and crazy and don’t be afraid. Use images and colours that will stand out, this will create attention and therefore viewers will more likely stop and look at your post and read what you’re about and selling.

Here’s how to get started…

Select your format

Pic Ads – This is a great format, and properly one of the most popular ones to use today. It’s important to remember when using this format, to choose an image or your own that is really going to stand out and make sure that is relatable and easily understandable. The consumer or viewer needs to know exactly what message you’re trying to promote or what it is that you’re trying selling. For example:

Nike ad

Nike – An image that clearly displays what their product is about. Promoting their new watch that tracks your running, speed and pace.

Video Ads – Creating a video is great, remember this format is time-consuming and could possibly be money taken from you. You will need to come up with a concept and make a video that’s also not too lengthy, anything over 2 mins can cause the viewer to skip next. This is important as you need to provide the viewer with key details of who you are, what your selling, and how they can benefit it from it. On a positive note really take advantage of this format if you wish to choose it. Really think of the images and sounds that you will be using, background music etc. For example:

video facebook ad

Tip: When creating a video make sure you use an image that will catch people’s attention and a catching heading.This will gain more attention and will more likely get the viewer to hit “play”.

Carousel Ads – A strip of images that allow viewers to swipe through to gain further information. Carousel Ads are personally my favourite. Easy and simple like the Pic ads, however, can give just give as much information as a video ad, but without the time and fuzz that goes into them. For example:

Toyota carrousel ad

Toyota – display multiple images of their car, showing exactly how durable and reliable their product is, no matter what the circumstances.

Create and build your ad using your goals and chosen format

Now that you have chosen your desired format to advertise or promote your business on, you can now start creating and building your advert. It’s important to get yourself familiarised with all the tools and features, click here to try for yourself. Remember for every advert you advertise you need to make sure that all your ads relate to one another, and people can recognise that this is your company e.g colour palette, photographic style, text.

instagram ads

All these elements should resemble you and your company. Try to create your own style and your own signature look. For example:

Facebook post for a physical store:

christmas promotions

Instagram post to promote an event:
event promotion

Twitter cover to promote holidays special prices:

holidays promotions

How easy did you say?

Desygner offers you hundred’s of templates and different layouts to help you with your goals and choices. Its is extremely easy and simple to build ads with Desygner and use other materials for advertising. Desygner formats are simply a guideline to help you style and correctly space images and content. With Desygner your ads will always have stunning high resolutions of quality with images and texts.

Your images will be properly filtered, and nicely contrasted, your text and content correctly aligned and sharp. These components will compliment each other nicely.

For example please scroll down to view our stunning templates and layouts, perfect for different advertising occasions. (Use images and templates that really show off our selling stickers and 50% off etc).

Spread it and get ready to show it off

Once finished and happy with creating your advert, it’s time to share and show it off to the world. Simply click “share” and a list of iconic logos will appear, choose your desired social website and continue, may pick more than one if needed.

share Desygner


A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which make it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. So start your hashtags, it is a great marketing tool and allows your followers and audience to find you more easily. It also categorise’s your brand to your selected demographic and wanted industries. This will allow you to have a better and bigger google feed to work off, therefore making you and your company more accessible and findable for viewers. For a better understanding scroll down.

Edit this template

christmas hashtag

Edit this template

christmas hasthag 2

Trust us!

If in any doubt please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do so by clicking here. Use this article as a guideline to help you get started, otherwise, we offer tutorial videos here and step by step easy and clear instructions on how to use our templates and tools, and how you will benefit from it and what great outcome will come of it.