Are you looking for ideas for your marketing actions for Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Here are 5 proposals that without a doubt will impress your current and future customers.

What is the main goal of these actions? To raise awareness of your products and services and to change or reinforce the perception and awareness of your brand.

Why is it important to focus your energy at this time of the year? Christmas encourages immediate action and generates opportunities to increase sales, while also providing you with the chance to test content and measure results in real-time, resulting in time and money savings.

Why is it important to prepare a Christmas marketing strategy? Christmas is the time where millions of dollars are generated in sales all over the world. There is a greater urge to spend, and people are more open to receiving offers and promotions.

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1#Black Friday: Choose the Discounts

Give your clients the option to choose their own discounts, this is an excellent opportunity to grab people’s attention and stand out from the rest. This action can also help you gather useful data, for example, if nobody uses the 2 for 1 deal to buy pants but instead shoes are purchased with the 25% off discount, then this information can be taken into account when planning your next marketing campaign.




2#Christmas Recipes

Everyone likes to cook something special for Christmas and it would be a great idea to share your customers’ traditions. Ask them to send in their Christmas recipes, share them on your platform of choice and offer a discount, or free shipping on next purchase, for every recipe posted. It is an excellent way to generate engagement.



3#Cyber Monday Instagram Hashtag Contest

Encourage your followers to publish a photo with the person they would give the purchased gift to and ask them to tag it with a specific hashtag in exchange for a discount coupon.

This contest will go viral when the followers of your followers click on the hashtag to see the linked publications.

When you choose the hashtag make sure to include the name of your company. If the contest is for Cyber Monday sales, the hashtag could be: #DesygnerCyberMondayGivesTwo



4#Black Friday “7 days of Deals”

Post a different daily deal every day for the 7 days after Black Friday. Give the public just one day to access the offer, but at least 2 days to actually use the voucher, especially if they have to go to an actual store location or a restaurant. This doesn’t necessarily have to be done on social media networks, emails could also be sent directly to your client database.





5#Increase your commitment to Social Media

Post a photo of your key product, or of an image that represents your brand, and ask your followers to comment only using Emojis. Offer a prize and either choose a random winner amongst all the participants, or choose the winner based on who used the Emojis in the most creative way.


If you have any more ideas about Marketing Actions to increase your Christmas Sales this is the place to share them.

Leave a comment with your creative ideas so we can all help each other.

Happy Sales!